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Meet Alexandra Feller '21

Leading a Team of Storytellers

Alexandra Feller '21

Posted on 05.24.21 by Ben O'Loughlin in College of Arts & Science

For Alexandra Feller, community is at the core of her Linfield experience.

Alexandra's decorated mortar board for graduationWrapping up as editor-in-chief of The Linfield Review, Alexandra reflects on a position that brought her lifelong friends and an unforgettable college experience at her home away from home.

“The Linfield Review WAS my college experience,” she says. “It is so dear to my heart and has been super crucial for me in my journey as a journalism and media studies major.”

Alexandra already knew she wanted to do something communication and/or journalism-related prior to college. During the summer leading up to her first year at Linfield, she reached out to the Review’s editor-in-chief at the time and immediately got involved.

Three years later, Alexandra is graduating college a year early.

She is earning a bachelor of arts in journalism and media studies with a minor in environmental studies.

Alexandra at the grad finale“I do wish I had more time,” Alexandra says. “I love learning, studying and writing. There are so many stories that I haven’t gotten to write at Linfield, but I know someone else will and they will be great too. I’m a little sad to be graduating early, but at the same time I’m ready for something new.”

Taking on the editor-in-chief role is always something Alexandra saw for herself at Linfield, but what she learned remains applicable far beyond college.

“I learned that journalism is only powerful if the reporter is able to tell the story well.

“The reporter can’t tell the story well if they aren’t taking care of themselves. I learned a lot about self-care and self-preservation when reporting on a lot of heavy-hitting topics that affect you at that moment too. How do you find objectivity in a moment where you are also being affected by COVID-19 anxiety, for example?”

Leading a team of storytellers through an unpredictable time is no easy task, but Alexandra has left her mark on the Linfield community.

“Community is at the heart of why I do in journalism,” she says.

“Fostering community and creating a place to feel welcome. Not just reporting but in the newsroom too. A place where people can make friends and engage with other people. I'm so excited for the new staff and I know they will do incredible things.”

Soon after completing her final class at Linfield, Alexandra is heading down to Klamath Falls as she was offered and accepted a spot in the Charles Snowden Internship Program. It is a statewide internship that will have her reporting for the Klamath Falls Herald and News – empowering the community.

“I love community journalism,” Alexandra says. “I love small-town stories and I think this will be perfect for me.”

Now graduating from the Linfield community, Alexandra sets off to make an impact on the communities that lie ahead.