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Meet Ronan Krutzikowsky '22

Always On the Go

Posted on 05.25.21 by Avi Mehta in College of Arts & Science, Athletics

Two-sport student-athletes are uncommon in college, but playing multiple sports as a schoolboy was always routine for Ronan Krutzikowsky.

And he’s continued to juggle multiple athletic interests at Linfield University.

“As soon as I started playing organized sports, I always wanted to play sports year-round. I felt like it was set up in a way that I could do all of the sports,” says Ronan, a defender for the men’s soccer team and a pole vaulter and hurdler with the Linfield track & field team

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the Wildcats’ soccer season to be postponed until the spring of 2021, Ronan can be found training with the cross-country team, though it is uncertain if he will race for the Wildcats due to the pandemic.

man doing a soccer flip-throw man doing a soccer flip-throw man doing a soccer flip-throw

Ronan chose Linfield because it allows him the opportunity to have close relationships with professors. Knowing the majority of the student body was also an important factor for him. 

“I wanted to a part of something and leave an impact, which is not possible at a big school,” says Ronan.

“As an athlete, I wanted to be able to make an impact and leave my stamp on the team culture.”

Growing up in Newport on the Oregon Coast, Ronan loved being in the water at a very young age. He began with sailing and went on to sail competitively in high school, traveling around Oregon and Washington for competitions.

“I loved how diverse everything was and I always had things to do. I was never really bored,” Ronan says of life in his hometown.

Playing in the youth soccer leagues in Newport, he developed a friendly competitive rivalry with Romario Mendoza. The two now share the same field as members of the men’s soccer team at Linfield.

“I was rarely on the same team as Romario. We kind of had a rivalry since I played defense and he played offense,” says Ronan.

Romario admires Ronan for his unselfishness.

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to play and grow with Ronan since youth league,” Romario says. “He always puts the team before himself no matter the scenario. I can count on him for anything. I know he’s always going to be there for me.”

“His dedication for soccer here at Linfield has grown drastically. His touches, passing and decision-making look sharper as we progress every week. I can’t wait to close out these next two years with my brother.” 

Juggling multiple sports, Ronan has focused on managing his time and being as fit as possible for each sport. He spends his few periods of downtime focusing on accomplishing goals not possible when life is busier.

“You need to be prepared before you perform,” he says. “Over the summer, I do a lot of endurance training and getting ready for everything that is going to happen at Linfield. I don’t have much time to focus on that during the (academic) year."

Entering his junior season of soccer playing for a new coach, Andrew Duvall, Ronan could not be more excited to begin playing again.

“I can’t say enough things about how great playing under Coach Duvall has been. He is probably the best coach I ever had and the transition has been really smooth,” he says.

The 2020 track & field season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Newport High School graduate was not fully able to train on the track during the fall but hopes to start serious training soon.

“I have been just sprinting, no real focus on any events. I am hoping to start pole vaulting soon, but for now, I’ve been doing mostly general athleticism.”

Linfield track & field coach Travis Olson is impressed by Ronan’s work ethic and ability to play multiple sports. 

“Ronan is a big part of our team and I have a lot of respect for him,” says Coach Olson. “He never complains, gives his best effort every day and is a great example to his teammates.

“He is extremely versatile and always willing to do what it takes to improve and help the team be successful.”

In the classroom, Ronan is a biochemistry major. He hopes to work in a medical lab, doing something biomedical after graduating from Linfield.

“I want to work in a lab, such as a biotech or working on something like creating an artificial valve for the heart or something pharmaceutical would be cool,” says Ronan.

He is an active member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and has been able to explore the outdoors as a member of the Linfield Outdoor Club, going on rock climbing and skiing trips.

a group of people hikingWhenever he has to chance to get away from campus, Ronan is looking at the weather forecast to decide whether to go up in the air or head down to the water.

“I love to surf. That’s the one thing I like to go off-campus for is to surf by myself every chance I get,” he says. “I also like hang gliding, really because my dad is into it. I’m always looking at the waves for surfing and the wind forecast for hand gliding on my weather app.”

Extra time due to physical distancing restrictions caused by the pandemic have helped Ronan also pick up rock climbing and mountaineering. He ascended North Sister and South Sister mountains during the summer.