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Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications

Linfield Public Safety (LPS) can be contacted from anywhere on campus through Blue Light Phones and Call Boxes. It is also important to save the LPS number in your cell phone on speed dial (503) 883-7233 (SAFE).

In an effort to maintain a safe campus, the University maintains Blue Light and Call Box courtesy phones. These phones are located around campus and connect directly to the Linfield Public Safety office. If your cell phone is not charged or you are out of service, LPS can still be reached. The Blue Lights can be activated by pressing either "call" or "emergency." Both lines go directly to LPS, not 911.

If you activate a Call Box or Blue light it is highly recommended you stay in the area, but only if it is safe to do so. If you activate a call in error, please stay on the line and inform the officer. Please use the Blue Lights and Call Boxes for emergencies only. LPS responds to all calls from Blue Lights and call boxes even if there is no response.

Use these phones to report:
  • Suspicious activity
  • Fires
  • Request medical attention
  • Anytime you feel unsafe

There are 11 Blue Lights and 28 Call Boxes strategically located around the Linfield Campus. Call boxes are located by the main entrance to residential buildings as well as Cozine Hall, Mac Hall, and Facilities Services. Download a map of all emergency devices.

Blue Light locations:
  • Potter Hall
  • Davis Street Parking Lot
  • Miller Hall Parking Lot
  • Chandler Street Parking Lot
  • CHP (Boiler Plant) at Lever Street
  • Observatory
  • Miller Fine Arts
  • South Ford Parking Lot
  • Academic Quad
  • South Blaine Street Parking Lot
  • North Blaine Street Parking Lot

In an effort to consistently improve emergency response procedures, Linfield University utilizes a campus emergency notification system which allows the University to send time-sensitive notifications via voice, e-mail and text messaging. The campus emergency notification system helps provide a safer environment through rapid emergency communication with our students, staff and faculty. Instructions for set up can be found on WebAdvisor.